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Do's and Dont's


  • Update your Communication address, Phone numbers and Mobile numbers, E-mail Id for prompt delivery of Bills and other communications.
  • Register your Mobile numbers for SMS alerts
  • Ensure that your EMV credit card is dipped in your presence to avoid frauds
  • Pay your bill Amount on or before due date to avoid Late Payment fees
  • Pay at least Minimum Payment Due (MPD) by due date to continue further usage of card
  • In case of any difficulty in payment, Please call our Help Desk
  • In case of Loss of Card contact our Helpdesk immediately to block the card
  • Use only Secured Website for Online shopping
  • Read our MITC (Most Important Terms and Conditions) for details &  fees

Do Not

  • Do Not Share your Credit Card Number, CVV and PIN with anyone
  • Do Not Disclose your credit card details through E-mail whatever may be the urgency.
  • Do Not Handover your card to any one
  • Do Not Stop paying your Minimum dues.
  • Do Not Default on payment. Your details with default particulars may be intimated to Credit Information Bureau.